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KTM is an Austrian company that builds 4 different models of sport and racing KTM quad bikes, the SX and the XC models.  The XC versions come in 450 and 525cc models while the SX come in 450 and 505cc.  Among the racing circles, KTM quads are the most race-ready quad currently produced.  All KTM quad bikes are ready to head from factory to track and are designed to bring first place finishes without modification.

The KTM ATV XC series are built with a Single Overhead Cam, 4-stroke liquid cooled engine ready for off-road racing.  You'll get a 5-speed transmission along with a light, aluminium sub-frame for minimum weight and maximum speed.  Suspension in the rear is all set with a mono-shock while the front gets a twin A-arms.  It's been said that a driver can buy a KTM XC quad bike one day and race it the next with little or no modification.

The KTM quad bike SX series are built for maximum acceleration with both the 505 SX and the 450 SX coming equipped with a race ready 4-stroke, DOHC engine and an aluminium sub-frame and wide axle.  The 5-speed transmission is specifically designed for racing and as such, does not include reverse.  As for suspension, the WP piggyback shocks and springs allow for up to 244mm of wheel travel in the front, and make adjusting to any track condition quick and easy.

KTM is clear in its mission when it comes to KTM quad bikes; race ready quads that can give the more established brands some much needed competition.

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