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Built in Spain, Gas Gas Quad bikes are built mainly for the sport riding. They are the first European quad manufacturer in many years to begin production of sport quads. Known mainly for their popular trial bikes, Gas Gas has branched out into building quads in recent years.
The unique name, Gas Gas actually means "to gas it", meaning to go faster. They are imported into various countries throughout the world and have a small network of dealers in each country. At one time, the Gas Gas quad was available in a choice of blue, or red, but starting in 2007, they are only available in black.
The Gas Gas Wild HP 450 quad is a 4 stroke 449cc bike. It is liquid cooled and has a 6 speed transmission. For front suspension, the Wild HP 450 has Adjustable arms with long journey shock absorbers and variable damping. In the rear, aluminum swing arm, progressive 1 shock absorber system. The width is an impressive 48.11inches and fuel capacity of 12 litres.
The Gas Gas HP 200 Cross quad bike is a 199cc two stroke model with a 6 speed transmission. On the smaller end is the 124cc HP 125, which is also a two stroke, single cylinder model with a liquid cooling system. Complete with a hydraulic multidisc clutch and a 6 speed transmission. Previous Gas Gas quads included the Wild HP 300.
In the UK, Gas Gas quad bikes are imported by Gas Gas Motors Ltd, which has been the sole importer of Gas Gas bikes and quads since 1988.
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